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Steve Harvey
State Referee Commissioner

Oversees the referee program and the committee.

Mark Wagner
State Referee Administrator

Liaison between US Soccer and the State Referee Program. Handles registration, upgrades and training camp for referees in the state. Handles administrative duties such as referee assault, complaints against a fellow referee and the upgrade process for referees in the state. Also is the contact point for referee matters in other states. Recertifies the State Referees in the state.

Bill Nelson
State Director of Assessments

Schedules assessors for tournaments, league play and upgrades as needed. Assists in training programs and clinics as needed. Assigns upgrade assessments after notification from the SRA. Oversees the assessment program. Recertifies Assessors in the state.

Vince Henderson
State Director of Instruction

Sets up clinics for new referees, assignors, instructors and assessors as needed. Handles the Intermediate Clinic held yearly. Distributes educational materials sent from US Soccer. Recertifies Instructors in the state.

David Leath
Special Projects

Works with the Committee on other projects that fall outside of the stated responsibilities for each position. Maintains the website and assists in any capacity needed.

Brett Henderson
State Youth Referee Administrator

Assists the SRA in registration and upkeep of the current referees in the state. Main focus is on the Grade 8 and 9 referees in the state. Assists with the District Referee Administrators.  Recertifies all other grade Referees in the state.

George Anderson
State Coordinator of Assignors

Works with the assignors in the state to validate their efforts. Sets up clinics with the SDI for new assignors. Re-certifies Assignors in the state.