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The State Referee Committee is offering to all member associations, free of charge, the ACE Program and the Assessor for a Day program.

The ACE Program, Advanced Camps of Excellence, is a program where the SRC sends both assessors and upper level referees to the member association to work with the referees in your area. We offer free assessments, tailored to helping the referees improve in areas such as game management, positioning and foul recognition. In addition, we send upper level referees to work matches with the referees in the capacity of an assistant referee or center referee. If the organization wants, we will have the upper level referee do a match in order for the local referees to see someone at that level perform. We will adjust the program to whatever the association desires.

The Assessor for a Day Program is a program where the SRC sends assessors and associate assessors to the association to do developmental assessments for the local referees. Again, we work with the referees on positioning, use of whistle, foul recognition and game management. We offer suggestion on improvement in these areas, as well as others.

The programs are available to all member associations free of charge. It is easy to set up, just contact the State Director of Assessments with available dates and they will do the rest. You can contact the SDA at [email protected] for scheduling.


PURPOSE: To develop a group of the best young referees in the State of Arkansas. The purpose of this group is to serve as role models, develop and mentor other young referees in the State, and to work with other members toward advancement in grade and abilities as referees.

ORGANIZATION: To be decided by Membership. It is recommended that officers be named who will report to the ASRC concerning activities, programs, and accomplishments, and for any assistance that the program will need. The organization will decide as to the number of officers, term expiration & election of such. The SYRA, or SYRA designee,  will serve as an advisor to the organization.  Any disputes will be conducted by the ASRC and their decisions will be final.

MEMBERSHIP:  The members of the organization will decide Referees eligible for membership. General guidelines will be for Referees between the age of 16 and 22. It is recommended that membership be limited to approximately 15 referees. Members should be chosen based upon their performance as referees, their ability to serve as a positive role model to young referees, their ability to contribute to the organization, their desire to advance in grade, their desire to become better referees, and their desire to mentor younger referees. Members not fulfilling these duties may be dismissed from the organization.

REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIP: Active Referee with current USSF badge and grade.


August –March

Members of the organization with the assistance of Assignors / Assessors / DRA / Mentors / State Referees will identify young talented referees.

November – April

Young Referee Training Camp in conjunction with local tournament.  Members of the organization will be given instruction / developmental assessment / mentoring during program.

September – May

Members of the organization will attend an out of town tournament. (Selected by members of the organization with consent of the ASRC)

April – May

Selected young referees will be invited to preliminary State Youth Cups. (Selected by officers of the organization with consent of the ASRC)


Highly selected young referees will be invited to State Youth Championships. (Selected by the ASRC)


Top ranked young referee(s) will be invited to USYSA Regional Championships. (Selected by the ASRC)


Selected young referees invited to OPD camps. (Selected by officers of the organization with consent of the ASRC)

Cycle begins again.


The Upgrade Promotion Program is a program whose purposes are (1) to place emphasis on having referees registered through the ASRP to upgrade, and (2) to provide assistance in upgrading. 

1. (a) The DRA, in coordination with the SDI and SDA, will prepare information about upgrading for distribution. The DRA will provide the information and contact referees about upgrading and information, including the requirements, for upgrading. This information will also be distributed through the ASRP referee staff.

(b) The District Referee Administrators will be the direct contacts for referees needing assistance in upgrading to Grade 7, including assessment and instructional assistance. Those upgrading to State Referee will seek the opinion and guidance of the SRA.

The upgrade program will make available an upgrade class for those referees upgrading from Grade 8 to 7 and Grade 7 to 6. The class will provide materials necessary to help the upgrading referees understand the emphasis placed on upgrading and what separates the upgrading referees from those that wish to stay at their current grade.

In addition, the Assessment program will provide for an Upgrade Developmental Assessement. This assessment, while not a pass or fail, will provide the referee a detailed evaluation on their chances for advancement. This will provide a referee the opportunity to be fully assessed to see if they are ready to pursue the upgrade process. This assessment will be provided on a match suitable for upgrade and the requesting referee will pay ½ of the game fee for this assessment. The requesting referee can then see what the results would have been if the match was assessed for an upgrade. We hope this provides tools for referees to pursue upgrades and be ready when they enter the process.