Recently, the USSF conducted a Regional “Pro” Clinic in Dallas, Texas. The clinic is part of the U. S. Soccer Federation’s National Program for Referee Development. It is open to National Referees, National Candidates, Grade 5 referees who may be future National Candidates, and State Assessors. The purpose of this clinic is to ensure that all of our professional referees have a consistent approach to their calls in matches at the professional level…   [full story]

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5 MINUTES WITH: Delilah Goodwin
“I would like to say thanks to everyone for helping and guiding me. It is due to your patience, guidance, and genuine kindness that I am where I’m at today and doing what I’m doing. Not many female nor young nor referees in general can say that. Thanks for helping through my good, bad, and worst times.”  [full story]



I hope this finds everyone well and doing lots of games for their local assignors. There are several things going on and wanted to make everyone aware.
We are closing in on our State Cups. These are some of the most important matches held in Arkansas. Their success depends on each and every one of you participating. With these cups producing some of the most spirited and talented play, what better way to improve your skills as a referee. Sign up today to work these cups as we need your help and you will enjoy your time there. Go to the signup page on our website and give Dennis a hand.
The State Referee Committee has added two new members to our ranks. Rigoberto Chavez and Rankyn Valverde have agreed to help us present a more positive impact with our Latino referees in the state. They have been busy attending meetings with the SRC and rewriting papers in Spanish for inclusion on the website. Anyone out there that feels more comfortable asking questions in Spanish, please contact them and they will forward the information to the SRC for answers. We are excited about the possibilities these fine gentlemen bring to Arkansas soccer and the referee corps.
As all of you should be aware, you need to ask permission from the SRA, Mark Wagner, to leave the state to work tournaments. It can be an email or phone call, but you need to ask. One reason this is so important is so we have our games covered locally before everyone takes off to some out of state tournament. Another HUGE reason is so we know where you are and can look out for you, even though we’re not there. It is for this reason that I stress the permission issue from the SRA. We currently have issues with another state and it is very evident we cannot protect you in this state if a problem arises at one of their tournaments. So, without singling anyone out, be safe and get the permission to travel.
High School playoffs start soon, so make sure you let me know you want to work and when you can work. The assignments will be made as soon as we are able to put team names with the Regions and seeds.
Be safe and I willsee you on the pitch… Steve-_______________________________________________________________